Thursday, September 1, 2011

Luna Maya Admits Minor

 This time is about an actress named Luna Maya Indonesia. as an actress who had a body pull, Luna Maya is famous in this country deserve. Body's sleekness Luna Maya was already known by the people of Indonesia.Celebrating the age of 28 does not necessarily make the artist Luna Maya feels prepared and mature. Even lovers Ariel 'Peterpan' it feels immature.

Luna interpret the age to 28 as the numbers only, no special meaning.

"It means that, wrote the numbers. If I personally, I have not taste. Still far lah. Still learning. Still trying again. There are still many shortcomings, is still much that needs to be changed," he said when met at the Social Institution Tunas Bangsa, the path of Highways, Cipayung, East Jakarta, Sunday (28 / 8).

Nevertheless, the actress who had tripped porn video case was grateful for what he received today. Moreover, slumped over now he can bounce back and still be accepted by society.

"Anything that given the same God, take it. I do not want to prosecute," he explained. Then what about movie stars Queen kostmopolitan plan was to get married?